Jack has had an interest in military vehicles and collecting firearms most of his life . He began collecting and restoring military vehicles when he bought an old Willys jeep, then followed by an Abbot and a 432 APC , but things heated up more in 1996 with the purchase of a Chieftain tank from England.

Below are some pictures of Jack and friends, as well as some Canada Day and Blueberry Festival events in Fort McMurray.

Jack after unloading his Chieftain that just arrived in Fort McMurray, June 1999. It was having starting problems again.

Jack and Dave Greenfield at the Fort McMurray Legion Chieftain monument. Click here to see more photos of Jack and his friends...

Here are some photos of the Chieftain arriving in Edmonton with some of Jack's friends attending.

Bob McKee at Edmonton, tank wouldn't start.

Still won't start.

Bob with G.U.E. running, but the main motor is not running yet.

Bob has it running at last.

Bob takes the Chieftain for a burn.

Loading for the Chieftain on the truck for trip to Fort McMurray.

The Chieftain is now in Fort McMurray...

Ed Wahl, John Abraham & Rollie Meunier.

Time to change the starter.

Bob consulting with Tom on lifting the motor out to change starter.

Motor out, yuk what a mess.

Running again.
Kelly Patterson, Cross
Contracting`s office manager..
Kelly (only 4'-11") having a close look at the tank from up top.

Carl Deane checking over the Chieftain.

Fort McMurray Canada Day Parade pictures...
with cadets on the Chieftain MK10.

Tom Weber driving the Chieftain.


Member of Parliament Dave Chatters.

Shopping at Walmart July 1, 1999

Jack and his grandkids - Fort McMurray Spring 2011

ayden, Angelina, Koda and Logan

Another Canada Day parade, this time with Chieftain MK11.
Tom Weber climbing in to drive was also a city councilor at this time.

Chieftain at the Heritage Park in Fort McMurray.

MK10 awaiting Labour Day Weekend.

Blueberry Day festivities.

Torch Peterson (Field Marshall) in the white hat.
Fred Yakichuk in the black hat.


Alberta Crude

04 EB 20 "Alberta Crude" in field training exercises.