Monument Vehicles
The members regularly receive requests for monument vehicles, and we strive to help. Monument vehicles are important as they remind the public in a very dramatic fashion of the work our Military does on our behalf. We are proud that we have successfully completed projects all through Alberta. We are presently preparing a project vehicle to join the Chieftain MK11 at the legion in Fort McMurray.

Lynx Monument at Museum of the Regiments. 
Click here for wikipedia historical information on the Lynx

Lynx display Calgary

Monument Currie Barracks

Lynx monument 41st Brigade.

Bren Carrier Grimshaw Legion.

Plaque on Bren Carrier Grimshaw Legion

Lynx Monument at Museum of the Regiments.

Monument at Steele Barracks Edmonton Garrison

Dieppe Veterans Monument in Olds Alberta.

Lynx Re-furbishment Memorial.

Re-furbished Lynx at Museum of the Regiments, volunteer project by us.

Chieftain MK11 at Fort McMurray Legion.  Display pads are being prepared for the MK11 and a 433 series project vehicle yet to arrive.

Bob McKee and Ken Raychert 1998 Calgary Stampede presenting for the British Army at BATUS.