Chieftain MK10

The (click here to view wiki page) Chieftain design included a heavily sloped hull and turret which greatly increased the effective thickness of the frontal armor - 388mm (15.28") on the glacis (from an actual thickness of 120mm), and 390mm (15.35") on the turret (from 195mm)[2]. It had a mantleless turret, in order to take full advantage of reclining the vehicle up to ten degrees in a hull-down position. The driver lay semi-recumbent in the hull when his hatch was closed down which helped to reduce overall height. The commander, gunner and loader were situated in the turret. To the left side of the turret was a large infra-red searchlight in an armored housing. The suspension was of the Horstmann bogie type, with large side plates to protect the tracks and provide stand-off protection from hollow charge attack.

Tom Weber - Tank Commander 

 Matthew Cardinal - Driver               

Ken Raychert - Gunner    
Dan Gunn - Loader
Torchy Peden - Field Marshall
Bob McKee - REME
Jack Cross - Logistics & Procurement 

Chieftain MK11